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Notable Blogs and Food Sites We Like

Surprisingly, a large number of the food blogs now online are clever, witty and informative, fun to read and filled with new recipes and cooking tips. In fact, for many web users blogs are becoming a substitute for the old fashioned cookbook library, with any recipe just a few clicks away, easily accessible without the need to flip through hundreds of pages in search of an elusive special recipe.

Originally, our intent was to select a list of ten favorite blogs or food sites. Instead, we elected to start with a list of a few blogs that we think are particularly helpful and then add to it in each issue of All Things Cottage.

Bear in mind that no definitive criteria were employed in compiling these choices...we simply like these and that our readers will find some of these sites useful.

And if none of these seems appealing to you, keep checking back with us. We'll have some more sites added in the near future.

Cooking blogs for the cottage kitchen

Hugging The Coasthugging the coast

Clearly, any list of notable food blogs that commences with one that includes something called "Fried Okra Mac and Cheese" as one of its most recent recipe offerings is somewhat suspect.  Undoubtedly, a lot of you might jump off right here and assume that our editors are totally devoid of any food smarts.  But be patient, this less than auspicious beginning is, at the very least, certain to evoke a little curiosity...just how weird and warped are the folks who would put this on a list of favorite blogs? 

Actually, this is a little jewel of information, especially for anyone who loves Lowcountry cuisine..that unique blend of flavors and inspired dishes found along coastal Carolina and Georgia.  Spend a little time on this site, and we think it will become a regular click on your blog list.



Bitten Blog

Admittedly, it's quite a leap to go from a litany espousing the benefits of fried okra to a  blog penned by one of the nation's top food critics and writers. But this site, from Mark Bittman, the noted food columnist of The New York Times, represents the best in food writing...always entertaining, intelligently written and appetizing.



Kim SuneeKim Sunee

If we were going to read only one blog, this one from Kim Sunee would be our choice.  Formerly the food editor of the late and lamented Cottage Living, Sunee is not really a blogger, at least not in the same sense as those who sit down with their laptops every day, tell us about their personal problems and post a new recipe or two. Rather, while she only occasionally adds a new post, you can be assured that anything from this erudite bon vivant will be well worth reading. In fact, anything she writes is simply a joy to read, whether she is describing her latest visit to a tratorria in Florence, a meal with friends in New Orleans or a taco stand in San Francisco.


101 Cookbooks101 cook books

Selected by several publications as one of the internet's most useful websites, this delightful recipe and food blog has evolved from the personal website of a California cook who loves good food into a broad spectrum of ideas encompassing food, travel and everyday interests.  It has been said that her seductive recipes appeal to cooks who want to eat smart and healthy but still do it with style. 


Chocolate and ZucchiniChocolates & Zucchini

Anyone who publishes a recipe for "luxury brownies" is certain to attract a certain amount of interest, especially when posted on a blog titled "Chocolate and Zucchini."  This popular food blog has been transformed from a part-time endeavor by a French software engineer to a full-time career, and, along the way, has garnered praise as one of the "world's 50 most powerful blogs."  Read by thousands of readers each day, its style has been described as totally French, but still practical and down to earth.


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