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When Sara Foster first opened her gourmet market in Durham, North Carolina in 1990, she fully intended to offer specialty grocery items, locally roasted coffee, a modest wine selection and a few take out seasonal prepared foods, with limited seating for the occasional sit down diner. 

Today, however, her market, along with a second Foster's Market in nearby Chapel Hill, has greatly expanded its seating and is known for its trendy atmosphere and appealing food. Also, she has garnered a growing national reputation that includes several cookbooks and repeated television appearances with Martha Stewart and other notable chefs and cooking personalities.  

For anyone who can not get to her markets, offers an inviting opportunity to explore the variety and range of her talents. Unlike many restaurant owners, she makes many of her recipes freely available on the site, along with an extensive video library that is both informative and simple to use.  Plus, the tasteful design and user-friendliness of her site sets it apart from other online food pages.  And the absence of any distracting ads only enhances its appeal.  >Take a look... 

Sara Foster of

Cottage kitchen
Cottage picnic at the lake.

Shirley Corriher
How To Add Cottage Character To Your Kitchen.

With a few inexpensive ideas, you can quickly transform your present kitchen into a warm and inviting room with a definite cottage atmosphere.  Read more...



Mealtime ideas for your next cottage vacation.

Here are some recipes that are perfect for a carefree trip to your mountain cabin or beach cottage since they don't require exact measurements or fancy kitchen equipment to prepare.  More...



Food blogs offer something for cooks of every taste.

The number and variety of food and cooking blogs continue to grow at a rapidly increasing rate on the internet. Trying to determine which are helpful can be a taunting task, but here is our selection of those which we find most informative and worthwhile to our readers.  See the list... 


New cookbook from Shirley Corriher
The reputation of this great food writer is enhanced by her latest offering, BakeWise, which explains to both beginners and experienced bakers how and why certain techniques work. Read the article..

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