The style and talent of artist Leah Anderson are reflected in her Oregon coastal cottage


“We are so busy we forget to stop and reflect. We rarely spend time being alone; walking through a museum; going for a quiet walk and really listening, we are not realizing the importance these times of reflections can be. I want to take people to a place that helps them feel.”

Leah Anderson




Her friend and the photographer who shot our layout, Lara Blair,  describes the imaginative style of Leah's design talent as "an architectural form of candy. Pillowy, white, sweet candy that I want to savor for long periods of time."



Born in British Guyana, South America, Leah gained a broad view of societies and cultures as her father’s exploits as an adventurer meant living and traveling to new and exotic countries all over the world.  After completing her education, mostly in British schools, she spent twenty years dedicated to family and horses.

Clearly her appreciation for calm and serenity is reflected in the decorating style which she displays in her comfortable cottage…the perfect space for her and her husband, and their guests, to enjoy the relaxing tranquility Leah so cherishes.

Art of Leah Anderson

This new cedar shake cottage looks as though it's been here forever, and the  spacious, open interior has a definite cottage feel, accented by copious use of wood boards...floors, walls and ceilings...along with a soft, comforting white color scheme and creatively placed vintage pieces that fill every nook and cranny.

Leah Anderson's Art


While sketching has always been part of her life, Leah did not discover oils until later in life but now finds that her career as a serious artist is a way to..."transfer her feelings of calm and serenity onto canvas and thus invite the observer to experience the moment with me."

Her work is on exhibit at several galleries along the Oregon coast and continues to grow in popularity among collectors and designers.  Her vibrant style and vivid colors make her pieces a highly desirable accessory for any cottage décor.



Paintings by Leah Brown
Cottage Paintings by Leah Anderson
Cottage paintings by Leah Anderson
Cottage paintings by Leah Anderson



To view more of Leah's art, visit her website.  Or contact her by email:


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