The fragrant blooms of a Wisteria plant add brilliant color to any cottage garden.

If your cottage garden has a fence or pergola that needs a bit of fragrance and spring blooms, you might want to consider the addition of Wisteria. 

This is a native Asian plant  was introduced into the United States in the early 1800's and thrives throughout most of the South. It produces beautiful violet flowers each spring and will fill your yard with a pleasant and very distinct fragrance for several weeks.

wisteria is a fragrant choice for your cottage garden

Wisteria is ideal for covering a large expanse of blank wall or fencing and, because of its heavy leaf growth is an ideal source of shade for an arbor or pergola.  Known for its fast growth, most species of the plant can be invasive if not pruned on a regular basis.

Be sure that the supporting structure for the trunk system is sturdy enough to provide adequate strength for your Wisteria, as the intertwining branches can quickly crush materials such as ordinary latticework and thin wooden posts.

Also, be careful about letting Wisterias to grow on houses or garages as it has been known to severely damage gutters and downspouts.  And if vines and branches climb under siding or shingles of a building they can easily pull them off.

If properly cared for and aggressively pruned to prevent its invasive spreading, the benefits of Wisteria's wonderful fragrance and beautiful blooms make it a desirable addition for your yard or cottage garden.

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