Photographic artistry of Greg Newington finds new home in a Georgia cottage community

Greg Newington PhotographyFor those who might question the fact that photography is art, they obviously have not had the privilege of visiting photographer Greg Newington's studio.  Recently opened in the cottage community of Serenbe, a short drive south of Atlanta, this gallery offers a unique perspective and insight into the creative abilities of this transplanted Australian.

Gazing upon his work for the first time, one is quickly absorbed by the depth of his talents and the scope of his vision of the world and the people, places and events that he has witnessed and recorded.  Nor does one pause to consider whether his art has been created with a brush or with a camera.

The colors are no less vivid...the stories no less revealing...the viewer simply marvels at the impact that these photos convey.

Spanning more than thirty-eight years in Australia, the Middle East and in the United States, Newington's career as a photographer has been a fascinating journey traversing the globe and recording historic events and exploits, not only of the rich and powerful, but also the downtrodden and the endangered. His images can be powerful and compelling or at the same time joyful and heart wrenching.

Today his volume of work can be viewed at his own gallery in the cottage community of Serenbe, a far reach from his native Australia.  Along the way, he has recorded images of such luminaries as Nelson Mandela, Willie Nelson, Brooke Shields and Henry Kissinger.  As a photojournalist, Greg worked in Somalia, Bosnia, Cambodia, China, Laos, Vietnam, and has won the Australian Press Photographer of the Year, as well as prizes in the Nikon Press Awards for Excellence in visual journalism.

Greg Newington Photography


The range of his work is seemingly limitless, from images of the war torn nations of Somalia and Bosnia, to camel races and cultural images from the deserts of The Middle East.


 Representations of all of these are on exhibit at his new gallery in the new community of Serenbe,  where Greg and his wife Maripat settled a year ago in a cottage home just down the street from his studio. 


Newington recently returned from a photo trip to the American West, one of his favorite subjects.  He compares such adventures to his "walkabouts" in his native Australia.  The results of his latest journey, titled "Western Walkabout" are currently on exhibit in his gallery.
Newington says that he doesn't embark on these trips with idea preconceived idea of what he's looking for or where he's headed.  Instead, "I just hop in the car and travel the back, and I go wherever the right light leads me."  His exploits and career have been chronicled in several publications, including an in-depth profile which can be viewed here.

Greg Newington Photography

All photos © Greg Newington