Charleston's  Spoleto Festival
Presenting dance, music and theater in the historic setting of this charming and beautiful coastal city


Music at Spoleto Festival
Ballet at Spoleto
Classical music at Spoleto
Theater at Spoleto in Charleston SC
Classical music at Spoleto in Charleston SC
Giselle performed at Spoleto 2010
Carolina Chocolate Drops at Spoleto Finale 2010
Westminster Choir Concerts at Spoleto

“For patrons of the arts in Charleston, Spoleto is the city’s premier event…one that is eagerly anticipated all year long. The Festival’s annual arrival of the hundreds of world class performers, including musicians, dancers, singers, actors and other artists, blankets the city with a sense of excitement and civic pride. 

During seventeen days in May and June, Charleston plays host to thousands of visitors from around to world who are drawn to this beautiful and charming city for an unparalleled series of cultural and artistic performances.”



Since its inception in 1977, Charleston's Spoleto Festival USA has annually welcomed an international array of talent from every facet of the performing arts.  This year, from May 28 through June 13, visitors and locals alike will be treated to more than 120 performances of jazz, classical music, theater, dance and opera.

Patterned after a similar event in Spoleto, Italy, today the American version ranks as one of the nation's premier cultural events and, during the course of its thirty-three year history, has attracted some of the most renowned names in the performing arts.  Presented at a number indoor and outdoor venues throughout the city, Spoleto USA has clearly had a dramatic impact on Charleston and made this charming city a major artistic force.

A highlight of this year's festivities will the re-emergence of the historic Dock Street Theater following a three-year renovation. Among the first buildings in the country used solely for theatrical performances, the theater will host a production of a British ballad opera that was first performed in the building in the early 1700's.  Other highlights of this year's schedule include a presentation by Dublin's Gate Theater, the ballet "Giselle", an original score by noted composer Philip Glass, and numerous musical performances ranging from classical orchestrations and chamber ensembles to jazz and folk groups.

If you plan to visit Charleston, you might find these suggestions from noted author and South Carolinian, Pat Conroy, a helpful guide to finding your way around the city. And for more information on Sploeto Festival USA and a full schedule of events, click here.








Ballet dancers at SpoletoUSA

Charleston's Dock Street Theater
Concerts at Memminger Auditorium
Spoleto Performance