Siglinda Scarpa

         An artist driven by passion and inspired by grace



"My interest in art began when I was a young person exploring in the mountains around my home in Italy. I had a sense of belonging to and feeling equal with everything around me.

I believe that in perceiving the beauty of the natural world, one perceives one's own beauty. The purpose of my art is to bring the beauty of natural elements into our every day lives."



cottage art from Siglinda Scarpa
cottage pottery by Siglinda Scarpa
North Carolina pottery by Siglinda Scarpa


"I don't know what you can

take from me, but I know what I can

give you...a shell...and with it, the sea."


pottery from Siglinda Scarpa
sculpture by Siglinda Scarpa

Siglinda Scarpa

Discovering the work of an artist like Siglinda Scarpa for the first time, in some ways, can be compared to an initial encounter with that heretofore unknown personality with whom you feel an immediate personal connection... one with whom you hope to develop an enduring friendship.

It is not just the appeal and simplicity of her art that pulls you in, but also the passion and strength of her fiery spirit and the depth of her advocacy for the social causes and beliefs which she supports in all she does.

Her sculpture, which has been exhibited extensively in this country and throughout Europe, is evocative of the natural world in its patterns and shapes, its textures and its colors. One author wrote that Scarpa "creates things which don't exist but could."

Scarpa's artistry, as well as her cooking, spring from her passion.  Cooking, she has said, "is her way of giving love to people.  The idea of bringing beauty onto people's everyday lives - beauty is something that matters.  It makes us better."  And she is serious about her cooking.  She regularly hosts large gatherings, where she delights in preparing a meal featuring her native cuisine. Recently she displayed her skills by feeding friends and neighbors at a charity function where her guests feasted on 150 pizzas from her outdoor brick oven.

Noting the similarity between sculpture and cooking, Scarpa explains that with both you put in those things that essential and take away the things that are too much.

Some years ago, a local writer described her pots as elegant in their simplicity, yet with a harmony between form and function.  Siglinda swears that when you taste food made in these simple clay pots, similar to those used by her grandmother in her native Italy, you will never want to cook in anything else.

For many years, she had her own ceramics studio in Rome, until a bitter confrontation with the local Mafia ended in the destruction of her all her equipment and pottery resulting in her move to New York City.  There she eventually became director of a noted pottery center where she was responsible for 300 students, at the same time pursuing her own art.

In 1997 she found herself in North Carolina and, just outside the small community of Pittsboro, settled on a piece of rolling farmland where she has established The Goat House Gallery and today continues to create incredible works of art, cook delectable and appealing meals for her guests and, all the time, pursuing her passion for the care and feeding of abandoned cats and other small animals, as well as numerous other causes for social justice.  



Siglinda Scarpa's art will be on display at The Goathouse Gallery during the Chatham Studio Tour.


For more information on the life and art of Siglinda Scarpa, visit her website.

In addition to her work as an artist, Siglinda is a tireless animal rights activist. As founder and primary benefactor for cat sanctuary The Goathouse Refuge in Pittsboro, NC, Siglinda fosters a safe haven for cats that were dispossessed or scheduled for euthanasia by public shelters. Though still in its infancy, The Goathouse Refuge has placed many cats and kittens in forever homes thanks to Siglinda's support. To learn more about her work and how you might assist in this effort, click here.