Katrina Cottages Offer A Variety of Compact Designs

Katrine Cottage
Katrina Cottage by Moser Design Group
Cottage living room

Living Room in Katrina CottageOne of the more positive developments arising out of the devastation created by Hurricane Katrina is a collection of compact and efficiently planned home designs now being marketed across the country by Lowe's.  These designs were generated by the work of a group of dedicated architects who believe that bigger is not necessarily better and that these small cottage living units offer an affordable and more livable option than emergency housing previously utilized.

Ranging in size from 308 to 1800 square feet, Katrina Cottages are Katrina Cottage kitchenintended to create a house that is safe, affordable and quick to build. At the same time, the objective was to ensure that each of the designs had an attractive appearance.

A significant number of these homes have already been built in New Orleans and several other areas hardest hit by Katrina. Also, since the plans are perfectly sized to sit on the back of a lot, many of the units are being built as guest houses, small vacation homes or clustered in groups to create small villages.


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Katrina Cottage
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