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An online source about wines and how to find the best values.
Anyone who loves wine but finds the wine buying process intimidating should find Ken' a very helpful tool to make the process much less complicated. Its Carol Shelton 2005 Maple Zinfandeloriginator, Ken Hoggins, originally started the site as simply a list of his personal wine favorites. In the ensuing eleven years, it has evolved into one of the internet's most comprehensive and most informative online wine buying guides.

There is a wealth of information here, both for the novice and the experienced oenophile. It provides a list of suggestions if you are just setting out to compile a personal wine collection, while at the same time offering choices for assembling what Hoggins refers to as the "ultimate cases" of both reds and whites.

The site also contains numerous buying and tasting tips and gives detailed information on what is needed for assembling a basic wine library. Perhaps most helpful is the fact that Ken's Wine Guide consolidates professional ratings from eight of the leading wine rating publications and highlights notable wines, restaurants, wineries, places to stay and other wine fun, all packaged in a very readable and easy to follow format.

A special effort is made to ensure that wines from a wide variety of prices are presented, with a great deal of emphasis given to spotlighting those wines that are exceptionally good values. As Ken is quick to point out, "anyone can buy and excellent $50 or $100 bottle...the real challenge is to find a $25 or a $15 bottle that is just as good.

Readers of the Guide are invited to sign up for a bi-weekly newsletter, and regular visitors to the site can follow Ken's blog, which reports on current news and events of interest to the serious wine lover.

Atwater 2007 Vidal BlancEven a brief visit to Ken's Wine Guide makes it readily apparent that Ken is a guy who enjoys his work.

The straight-forward organization of the site and depth of information provided makes it very user friendly and certain to be a tremendous asset in your search for the perfect bottle of wine for any occasion.

Here is one of Ken's latest recommendations:

At our recent blind tasting of Shiraz and Syrahs, the tasting panel awarded top honors to wines that were grown and produced in Australia, Argentina, and South Africa.  Our winner is a familiar name to those who follow Aussie Shiraz.  It was the 2005 Henry's Drive Shiraz $40.  This 100% Shiraz hails from the Padthaway region in Australia.  The panel scored this impressive wine 91.43 points.  It was medium-bodied, smooth, well balanced, and displayed delicious blueberry flavors.  There was also an interesting touch of pepper and spice as well.  The panel was very impressed with this Shiraz.



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