Tim Mosby

Transforming Barn Art Into Cottage Art


Cottage artist Tim Mosby
Nearly everyone who lives in Serenbe, the vibrant "new urbanism" community springing up about an hour southwest of downtown Atlanta, has met Tim Mosby. And if they haven't met him, they have most assuredly seen the product of his creative art work scattered throughout the neighborhood.

Whether it is the playful mural he helped some of the neighborhood children paint on the construction fencing along Serenbe's main thoroughfare ...the ribboned May pole and whimisical cariactures that he created for the annual May Day festivities...the interior carpentry and furnishings in the Blue-eyed Daisy bake shop...his paintings hanging in other local shops...or some of his furniture pieces that adorn several of the charming new homes recently built here; his ubiquitous art and craft is definitely leaving a mark on the face of this pleasant new community.

From his rambling barn studio, located just around the corner from Serenbe, Mosby turns out a unique collection of large, mostly abstract canvases and assemblage sculpture he fashions from an odd assortment of rusting farm implements, abandoned bicycle frames and the various and sundry building materials friends and neighbors drop off at his front door.

Tim graduated with a fine arts degree from Mercer College, and has been creating work since the early 80's. The colors and abstract patterns seen in his recent works might largely be attributed to his interpretations of the powerful skies and vibrant countryside which he discovered in his travels throughout Italy and Mexico.

Mosby's work has an impulsive, joyful character -- metal sculptures silently guard the entrance to his spacious, tin-roofed barn which serves as his combination studio and warehouse. And the many colorful snake figures found leering down from the tree branches of the woods surrounding his studio and nearby log home are another indication of his playful nature.


  The cluttered wall of the barn studio looks almost like a piece of art itself.


Spend a little time conversing with him and one quickly realizes that, for Tim, these pursuits are, in fact, not really work but rather just the culmination of his long-standing artistic aspirations. Spreading paint on a canvas, shaping a piece of furniture or even blending a mélange of cilantro and chilies into one of his prized Mexican dishes are all just steps along the path he is plodding in search of a creative and productive lifestyle.

While Mosby pursues his craft with a rather nonchalant, non-commercial attitude, paying little attention to such factors as marketing and self-promotion, his talents are quietly becoming more widely recognized and appreciated. This trend is evidenced by the fact that several of Atlanta's influential interior decorators and designers have, in recent months, called upon him to assist in accessorizing homes for their clients.

Consequently, his unique furniture craft and art work, as well as the products of his carpentry skills, can be found in a growing circle of fashionable homes. And his large, expansive paintings now hang in a number of private art collections in Serenbe and throughout the Atlanta area. 


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