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Jewelry By Tamela Wells
Jewelry by Tamela Wells
Jewelry By Tamela Wells

Inspired by the beauty of nature, crafted into stunning works of art


Since she graduated with a degree in fine arts from the University of Tennessee, Tamela Wells' life has centered on an artistic career, first in the fabrication of sterling silver jewelry, which earned her membership in the prestigious Southern Highland Craft Guild.

More recently, she has turned her attention to the use of polymer Tamela Wells at work in her Asheville Galleryclay, transforming this  versatile material into her own, very distinctive, line of pebble, stone and rock jewelry.  Consisting of individually hand-formed beads, her work has earned for her a reputation as a skilled craftsperson, noted for her use of colorful, distinctive patterns.  Inspired by river rocks and stones from around the world, her pieces reflect her love affair with the art of blending colors of many hues and shades, the result being a collection of highly sought after bracelets, ear rings and necklaces, marked by their vibrant shades and delicate texture.

Noting that her art is constantly evolving, she admits that her emphasis and direction have tended to change at regular intervals during the course of her twenty-one year career. She continues to be energized by the dynamic form and patterns that she observes in the natural displays of the world around her.  Yet, she remains focused on instilling wearability and durability into every piece she creates.

   Jewelry By Tamela Wells  In a recent interview, she acknowledged that, beginning from the  time she spent as a traditional silversmith, her favorite way to work has been to challenge the regular way of doing things. 

"I love to experiment, so often, the journey that begins with ‘what if...' leads me to a fresh and renewed series of work," Wells says. 

Even after years devoted to her art, she proclaims that her favorite days are "the ones spent in my studio creating pieces that bring joy to those of us who will always love jewelry."

Today, Tamela calls Asheville home, where she maintains a studio in her picturesque neighborhood cottage, shared with two daughters, Rachel and Gretchen, and her husband, David.  Her works have been featured in several books, and can be found at several shops and galleries in the Asheville area, including Grovewood Gallery. She also exhibits her pieces at the Southern Highlands Craft Fair held annually in Asheville. Feb2009Issue/TamelaWells91x150.jpgFeb2009Issue/TamelaWells91x150.jpg

If you would like to know more about this artist, you can contact her at Visit the Southern Highland Craft Guild to learn more about Asheville's arts and crafts scene. 


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