The Woven Glass Sculptures of Markow & Norris

                                    Creating a unique art form blending science, art and chemistry


woven glass sculputure by Markow & Norris

“An element of our work is magic.  We take a natural, molten glass, source from sand and scientifically force it into an impossible shape, ultimately returning it to a natural organic form.  We love to see people surprised at the notion of weaving glass and wonder how it is done.”     Thom Norris



If you are a fan of CBS's Sunday Morning show, you may already be familiar with the colorful and distinctive woven glass sculptures of the imaginative and inspired artists Eric Markow and Thom Norris. 

For the past 15 years, they have been collaborating and perfecting their own unique art form which has resulted in enigmatically harmonious works of beautiful art pieces ranging from small delicate origami-inspired pieces to large wall hangings.



Markow & Norris woven glass sculpture
woven glass sculpture from Markow & Norris
Peace Cranes - unique woven glass from Markow & Norris

With more than fifty galleries across the country now offering their varied designs and pieces, Eric and Thom rarely exhibit their work in shows. And because of the number of hours required to produce each piece, the artists can only make 100 or so each year, most of which are custom orders and thus not available to the public.

The sculptures vary in size from a glittering seven foot saguaro cactus in thirty shades of green to delicate six-inch wide “nest babies” complete with twigs and small glass eggs.

The process in creating such intricate art involves proprietary techniques that the artists themselves have perfected and includes a number of closely guarded secrets.  Consequently, the two prefer a very “hands-on” approach in the creation of their glass pieces and do most of the work themselves, a process which requires hours of hot, toiling intensive labor for each sculpture.

Perhaps their most intricate and complex creation to date is the new “Kimono”, shown above in the top photo, which is being shown for the first time at an exhibit now underway at the Weisser Glass Studio and Gallery in Kensington, Maryland through December 6th.  Other works on display for this show, including an elephant wall sculpture and 35-pound origami peach cranes are futher testament of an Asian influence in their latest efforts.

Markow & Norris - Nest Babies
Markow & NorrisThe Real McKoi

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